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Complications From Incorrect Toothbrushing

Dear Readers,

Tooth brushing is very important to maintain the health and well-being of our teeth and gums, to protect the oral tissues and structures from infections. Although it is proposed to be done at least twice a day, I advise my patients to do it after each meal if possible.

The main question is: 
Does everyone know how to brush his teeth properly without damaging his teeth and gums and at the same time to have his teeth well cleaned?

The complications of incorrect tooth brushing are:

ABRASION of tooth structures and GUM damage.
Abrasion is the wear on the outer layer of the tooth, called ENAMEL. It can also affect the layer under the enamel, called DENTIN, or its root called CEMENT.

(Dr. Trenkova' s records- Abrasion of teeth, image)

Dear Readers,
the causes of abrasion are several.

The first is the use of a hard toothbrush.
The second is horizontal movements.
The third is the excessive pressure people apply while brushing.
The next reason for this is the use of abrasive toothpaste or powder.

When I see a patient with abrasion, I always ask questions to make myself clear about the cause or the reasons that have caused the problem. This will allow me to give the patient directions so that he or she can stop their harmful habits. My experience shows that most of my patients with abrasion have a combination of the above reasons.

In fact, about 90 percent of patients say they use a hard toothbrush. To my question, "Why," they answer, "because it's brushing better." Some of them also tell me that they use abrasive toothpaste or dust, sometimes even salt to better clean the stains on their teeth.

I have noticed that patients who are brushing with the right hand have mostly worn the left half of their teeth and vice versa. In this case even the use of less hard toothbrushes results in wear.

What are the results?

Parts of teeth that are worn (abrasion) and / or inflammation of the gums.

What are the symptoms?

Dental abrasion can result in higher teeth sensitivity. I have seen patients with varying degrees of tooth sensitivity, ranging from low to severe. Often toots’ nerve can react to this irritation and react with inflammation, they may even be damaged. But there are also teeth with an abrasion lacking sensitivity.

The second symptom is from the gums. Improper brushing of the teeth can lead to inflammation, bleeding easily or even swollen gums, and this can lead to gingival recession.

Another complication is an aesthetic problem when the teeth are worn or when the gums are damaged.

What I advise my patients?

Firstly, I advise them to avoid using a hard toothbrush. I recommend only soft or sensitive toothbrushes.

Second, I advise them not to try to apply excessive pressure when brushing.

Third, I show them the correct brushing technique so they could replace back and forth movements with the right ones for each part of the tooth. This would be useful to them so that they do not harm their teeth and gums anymore.

You can see my post - Correct Toothbrushing Technique

Fourth, I recommend a suitable toothpaste for each patient.

Fifth, I explain about the meaning of the gums, and how tender they are, and how easily they can be damaged, even by not so hard things as the toothbrush.

You can see my post- Advices To My Patients For Good Oral Hygiene

So, proper tooth brushing is of a huge importance for the good health of the oral cavity.

Dear Readers, Regular dental visits are the key because your dentist will show you the correct tooth brushing technique and advise you on the type of brush and paste that is right for you according to your age, according to the condition of your teeth and gums. Only your dentist will help you break the harmful habits and enjoy healthy teeth and gums.

Sincerely yours
Dr. Trenkova


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