Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Discoloration after Root Canal treatment

(From Dr. Trenkova's records- Tooth discolouration- before treatment)

Dear Readers,

Changing the colour of the tooth after root canal treatment is a cosmetic problem, especially if the tooth is in the front of the mouth. The colour of the treated tooth may vary - it may be red, brown, gray or black. The colour change can be seen during treatment or shortly after it has been done and may worsen over time.

Discoloured teeth are easily noticeable when people speak or smile. If the affected tooth is an incisor or canine the appearance of the patient' smile can be significantly affected.

Treatment of teeth discoloured after root canal treatment includes: non-vital bleaching or preparation and placement of a veneer or crown.

There are two types of bleaching-vital and non-vital. Vital bleaching occurs when the teeth have live nerves until the non-vital one is done when the teeth have no live nerves.

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The method used after root canal treatment is not vital. 

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If you have such a problem, your dentist will decide what treatment is best for you. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

In this case, a crown treatment was selected for my patient's lower incisor. Aesthetics was restored. Patient's self-esteem too.

(From Dr.Trenkova's records-Tooth discolouration- after treatment)

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Dr. Trenkova, DDM


  1. some people believe that benefits of a root canal treatment don't last. This is owing to consequent breaking of teeth after treatment. According to veteran dental experts, this is not the treatment failure but rather the failure in restoration or construction of tooth. Breakage mainly happens to those who fail to get crowns. Therefore, the benefits can last long.
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