Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flossing Teeth Could Save You Many Problems

Dear Readers,

I accept flossing as important as toothbrushing although many people ignore it.

WHY is it so important?

Because when we brush our teeth we act on these tooth surfaces that are visible - the outer and inner parts, the cutting edge of the incisors and canines, and the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars.

WHAT ABOUT the space between the teeth?

This space is called interdental space and it is the weakest part of the tooth. Every time we eat the food goes between the teeth and if we don’t clean it after eating it stays there.

WHAT is the result?


The cavities between teeth are the dominant part of all cavities I treat.
The problem is that these cavities are invisible and if people don’t go to regular check ups they can not be found.

They can not be seen by patients either. Sometimes people complain of irritable nerve symptoms for no apparent reason.
X-rays are the perfect way to discover these cavities.

My experience shows that if the food remains in this interdental space, there are two adjacent caries. This is because the decay works on the interproximal sides of the two teeth that form the interdental space.

There are, of course, cases where only one of the teeth is affected, but they are rare. It is a type of caries where there is a layer of enamel left and the decay is in the middle of the tooth. Sometimes the whole tooth may decay and after the decay is removed, only the root of the tooth may have remained.

Complications of the dental nerve, also called pulp, are very common. If there is only caries, it can be restored with a filling.
If there is a complication, treatment of the root canal should first be done and then the crown of the tooth restored with a pin and a crown.

If there is bleeding from the gums, as long as you floss the teeth, this may be a symptom of gum disease and you should contact a dentist.

Dear Readers,
I believe that PREVENTION is the first and most important step to enjoy excellent oral and overall health, healthy teeth and gums and smile with a PERFECT smile.
Please pay attention to my post - Preventive Dentistry- The Priceless Way

Faithfully yours
Dr.Trenkova, DDM


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