Thursday, July 9, 2009

How To Deal With Our Teeth After Eating

Dear Readers,

The advices I give to my patients to keep their teeth from decay are:

1. I advise them to brush their teeth after each meal. If they can not, simply rinse their mouth with plenty of water and then chew a sugar-free gum

2. Flossing after each meal, because the space between teeth, also known as INTERDENTAL SPACE, is usually the weakest part of the tooth (I will talk about it in another article).

3. I recommend that they reduce the frequency of consumption of sweet and sticky foods. Some patients tell me they brush their teeth after dinner but then eat chocolate, candy or drink soft drinks while watching TV. Most of the time they fall asleep on the couch and do not feel like brushing their teeth.

It is not good for the teeth to stay dirty all night long while you sleep because bacteria causing tooth decay have too much time to work on them.

In my view, the diet is very important for children to have no cavities (there are, of course, some other factors I will talk about in other articles). It will be good if the frequency and types of food that children consume are determined at an early age. Another important thing is the habit of regular tooth brushing and flossing that will help maintain good oral hygiene.

Regular dental visits for children and adults are always the best way for achieving and maintaining good oral health.

Your truly,
Dr. Trenkova

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