Thursday, July 30, 2009

Contraindications for Teeth Whitening

Dear Readers,

What is contraindication in medicine?

Definition of contraindication:

"A contraindication is a specific condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient "

Products for professional teeth whitening should only be used by a dentist and only in a dental office. Here are contraindications to this:
1 If the patient is under 15 years of age

2 Patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding

3 people who are allergic to some of the ingredients of the product

4 People who had recent surgical treatment on their periodontal tissues

5 People with existing inflamed periodontal inflammation

6 People with serious gum disease

7 People who have enamel and/or dentine anomalies that could hide a risk for teeth vitality

8 People with acute teeth fluorosis

9 I would like to draw attention to a special contraindication - “People with unreal expectations”. Please consult with your dentist to get acquainted with all the options and to choose the right solution for your case in order to stay satisfied and happy afterwards.

Existing problems such as cavities, tooth abrasion, attrition, exposed toot roots, broken fillings, exposed dentine, have to be diagnosed and treated before bleaching. On the one hand, if left untreated they would compromise the whitening process. But the worse is that they can lead to severe complications.
If some of the above problems cannot be solved they turn into another contraindication.

Please be aware that teeth whitening does not affect the colour of the crowns or fillings. If you have existing ones in the smile zone they will need to be changed.

Please, be aware also that whitening cannot be performed under anaesthesia.

In any case a dental check up before the whitening is obligatory. Oral health has to be assessed by the dentist. Once he or she becomes familiar with your dental status, the dentist will give you a professional opinion on whether or not to perform this procedure.

Truly yours,
Dr. Trenkova, DDM


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