Sunday, July 26, 2009

Teeth and Impression for the People Around

Dear Readers,

I must say that the first thing I see in someone is his teeth.
Of course, you will say that this is a "professional distortion".

I can not ask myself what do people who are not dentists think?

The truth is that the smile is one of the first things people notice in you and believe me if something is wrong with your teeth, especially in the front, they will notice and remember it.

Sometimes, to my surprise, I hear people say, "What a beautiful girl or boy, but with so bad teeth" or "When I started talking to her and saw her perfect teeth, I was amazed by her Brilliant smile."

So the answer to the question above is "YES, YES, YES"

People always notice your teeth and smile, and this can have a good or bad effect on you.

The brilliant smile and the beautiful outside look of healthy teeth and gums would help you find a job. If you go to a job interview and your smile is bright, on the one hand you will be more confident when talking and smiling and on the other hand you will create a great impression on your prospective employer.

Shining teeth and smile can also help you get a date.
Will not you be completely impressed by someone who has a wonderful smile and white and bright teeth?
In fact, people accept you the same way.

It is true that the smile opens many doors. It is up to you to choose whether you want people to regret or admire you.

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Please remember that the health of the teeth and the oral cavity is related to your overall health.

I hope with all my heart that you will do everything in your power so that you can enjoy excellent health, healthy teeth and gums and will smile with BRILLIANT smiles.

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And do not forget to SMILE.

Sincerely yours,Dr.Trenkova, DDM

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  1. certainly True!
    What people notice in you is your teeth and smile and I think this is the first thing that left good or bad impression on others. So, it should be perfect. Well, your blog is great overview on teeth and I read your most of the posts. They are very informative too.Visit Dental Clinic Houston for more information.


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