Saturday, July 25, 2009

Teeth Whitening Of A Patient Who Drinks Too Much Coffee

Dear Readers,

A patient came to my dentist's office complaining about the appearance of her teeth.

They had become yellow because she had been drinking coffee all day for more than 20 years. During this period, she went for cleaning and polishing at a dentist just a few times.

On the other hand, she was a very nice and cheerful person, laughing all the time, and her teeth were very noticeable.

So she wanted to have bright and shiny teeth and a Brilliant smile.

"I can not stop drinking coffee," she said with a sigh of regret and guilt.

I explain to my patients that tooth whitening is not a unilateral solution or done only once. There are long discussions about the formation of dental stains, foods and liquids that predominantly stain them, and how to preserve the effect of bleaching afterwards.

It is normal for the teeth to stain or change their colour under the influence of so many factors. Even if we do not smoke or drink coffee, many other foods and drinks can affect the colour of our teeth.

You can have a look at my post- Teeth Stains

Of course, tobacco and caffeine are the most common agents that have a great effect on the colour of the teeth. It has been proven that if people do not smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, the effect of bleaching will last longer. The secret is to take good care to preserve the effect.

So I advise my patients to try to reduce the number of food and drink consumption and try to brush their teeth after every meal or drink or at least rinse their mouth with plenty of water, whitening mouthwash or chewing gum without sugar. You can find information about it in my other posts.

After scaling and polishing, a professional whitening was performed. After that of course, a home whitening kit, bleaching paste, toothbrush and mouthwash were prescribed.

The patient came for a dental examination 8 months later and her teeth looked very bright. She was very motivated and happy with her new smile.

She made daily efforts to keep the result from the professional whitening and even surprisingly, her teeth had become even more transparent white.

This was one of those situations when you were dazzled by somebody's smile. In such cases as this, it is impossible not to exclaim with great admiration:


(Dr.Trenkova's records-Before and after whitening images)

Sincerely yours
Dr.Trenkova, DDM

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