Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teeth Whitening - Why Choose Professional Whitening?

Dear Readers,

Teeth are subject to many impacts daily. It is normal for them to change their color or to accumulate different stains under the influence of so many factors.

The factors that mainly affect the colour change of our teeth are:

1. Foods - tomatoes, sauces, fruits, chocolate and much more.
2. Liquids - coffee, tea, red wine, dark coloured juices
3. Tobacco
4. Abrasion
5. With age

Sometimes some of my patients ask me, " Why are my teeth so yellow or stained when I do not even smoke cigarettes or drink coffee?"

It's not just smoking or drinking coffee that stains our teeth. Of course, these are the most common reasons why the teeth become yellow, even brownish to black, especially if they are used in large quantities and for a long time when there is poor oral hygiene.

In case you do not smoke or drink coffee, there are so many other factors that can cause tooth colour change.
The water you drink can be an important factor, the type of food you eat. Some herbs also stain the teeth.

The level of your oral hygiene has a huge role to play.

The frequency of scaling and polishing by your dentist is also of great importance.

All of these things I have listed and of course many others that influence the teeth from outside are called EXTRINSIC.

Your teeth may be yellow, dark or coloured because there are factors that have affected your teeth during the prenatal period or in your early childhood until the teeth have evolved. These factors are called INTRINSIC. Examples of these are antibiotics and / or too much fluoride intake.

Let's not forget that there is another very important factor called GENETIC.

Teeth usually become yellow with age.

Improper brushing, tooth abrasion and attrition also make the teeth more yellow.

So that, whatever the cause of colouring or discolouration of teeth, most people feel embarrassed to talk and smile.

Whitening, especially professional, is one of the fastest ways to restore the aesthetic appearance of teeth. This is one of the shortest ways to get a new glowing smile or restore your self-esteem.

Of course, if there is no contraindication to this, or another aesthetic method of treatment is needed.

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Professional teeth whitening is also a very quick way to see your teeth lighter. The result is visible in just one hour. Bleaching in the office is also a pleasant experience - stay or lie down on the dental chair and relax under the sounds of nice music or watch your favourite TV or DVD.

Professional whitening is also one of the cheapest aesthetic treatments compared to veneers or crowns.

Please note that teeth whitening results, professionally or at home, are not permanent due to all of the above listed foods, fluids and habits that stain our teeth daily. That is why we need to maintain them with regular care. Whitened teeth need to be re-whitened professionally or at home.

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Your truly,
Dr.Trenkova, DDM


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