Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oral Health- The Way You Eat Reflects Your Dental Health

Dear Readers,

The types of food you eat, the number of meals you take per day, the frequency and time you take them - all these conditions affect the health of your teeth.

Everyone knows that all these factors are of great importance for general health as well.

Now I would like to pay attention to how they influence your teeth and gums.

A few years ago I was a paediatric dentist and I only worked with children. I had about 2,000 patients aged 3 to 18 years. At the beginning of each school year, I performed an annual dental examination of the students and children from the kindergarten. The results showed that almost every student had several caries (or otherwise, cavities), even the smallest children had caries on their temporary teeth.


I was very intrigued and wanted to know what the reason was?

That's why I started asking questions and analysing. My questions were focused on what foods the children mostly consumed, the kind of food they preferred, and whether they regularly brushed their teeth?

Do you know what they usually answered?

CHOCOLATE, SNACKS AND SOFT DRINKS - these were their favourites.

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And in terms of brushing teeth - some of them brushed their teeth once a day, others twice, and most did not brush their teeth at all. At the same time they told me they were eating many times per day- snacks or something sweet plus regular meals up to ten times a day.

This is where the problem of the many caries was-


There was another problem - whether those students (who said they were brushing their teeth once or twice a day) really knew how to brush their teeth properly and keep the time needed for brushing?

The truth is that not only children, but we, adults, also love sweets, snacks and soft drinks. It is also true that not only children have caries and inflamed gums, broken teeth or removed teeth.

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The truth is that serious care should be done from a very early age both in terms of food and hygiene. And this should continue throughout our life if we want to enjoy healthy body, teeth and gums and a
Beautiful smile.

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Truly yours,
Dr. Trenkova, DDM


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