Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tooth Decay- Which Foods Cause Dental Decay Easy?

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The answer is- all food that contains sugars or other carbohydrates. The major factor for a tooth to decay is the time the food stays in the mouth.

I had a patient who was eating candies all day long for a long period of time.The result was catastrophic, because the poor oral hygiene aggravated the situation.

So, STICKY AND SWEET FOODS are more damaging to teeth.

The next factor important for the occurrence of cavities is the frequency of consumption of these sweet and sticky foods. Like I said before, the children I observed were eating snacks or sweets too many times per day. Something interesting is that the amount of eaten snacks is not of high importance compared to the number of times they were consumed.

Tooth decay, also known as caries, cannot occur without sugars. Flour also helps the formation of the cavities because it sticks to the teeth. The combination of flour and sugar, on one hand, and the poor oral hygiene, on the other, significantly increases the chances for the teeth to decay.

I will return to my analysis of the annual dental check up of the students(from my previous post). As I said before, my conclusion was that even the youngest children had several cavities.

The reason for that is in the IMMATURITY OF TOOTH STRUCTURES, especially the outer layer of the tooth called enamel. When the enamel is immature the factors for dental caries penetrate easily inside the tooth causing decay.

They can even reach the nerve of the tooth, called PULP, very easily and cause inflammation.

                                            (Dr. Trenkova' records- Food debris, photo)

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Dr. Trenkova

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