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Teeth Whitening - Professional Or At Home?

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I have patients who ask me if whitening at home will brighten their teeth enough and how long does it take to make that happen?

The reason they ask me this question is their fear of professional whitening, so they prefer to whiten their teeth at home using a weaker whitening agent. Their fear is based on the expected side effects of professional bleaching. It is true that the percentage of Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide (the main bleaching agents) is higher in professional bleaching materials than home bleaching. That is why the result of in-office whitening is visible for a short time.

Side effects include teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. My experience shows that these two side effects can appear with both bleaching methods. The good thing is that if they occur, they continue for a short time.

Then what to choose - whitening in the office or at home?

According to my observations, home bleaching is a slow process. The time to achieve good effect is extended. The time required is different and can range from a few weeks to several months. It depends on the nature of the stains or discolouration of the teeth. Sometimes even the effect is insignificant.

The second very important thing is that the whitening agent should be placed on a clean tooth surface. That is why, before bleaching in the office, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and polished in the dentist's office. 

The third important thing is that the bleaching agent that contacts the teeth surfaces should be in evenly distributed and sufficient quantity instead of going to the gums and irritating them. This problem is solved in the professional bleaching method using a gingival barrier or rubber dam, as well as monitoring the dentist's whitening process.

Please note that the dental examination before treatment is very important. The dentist will diagnose caries, gum problems, exposed roots of the teeth, dental abrasion. The dentist will treat them before bleaching. This would be of great importance to everyone in order to avoid further complications. The dentist will tell you if you have contraindications.

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The last thing about whitening at home is the need to stay with the bleaching agent from 30 minutes to several hours each day, sometimes two to three times a day.

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My opinion is that home tooth whitening is very important to keep the results after professional bleaching. I recommend that patients first choose a whitening in the office and then keep their teeth whitening products at home. The results that I have observed in this case are very good.

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I hope with all my heart that you will do everything in your power so that you can enjoy excellent health, healthy teeth and gums and will smile with BRILLIANT smiles.

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Dr.Trenkova, DDM

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  1. Pay close attention to the state of your mouth when using at-home teeth whitening products. For some people these treatments can cause temporary, mild tooth sensitivity. If you are using a product with a tray that does not fit your mouth well this can irritate your gums. Discontinue the treatments if you experience discomfort or pain.

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