Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dental Stains After Orthodontic Treatment

                                               (Dr. Trenkova's records- Dental stains)

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One patient came to my dental office after wearing orthodontic devices for 3 years. Her parents were very concerned about the teeth stains.

On the dental check up it became obvious that white stains covered the whole buccal surfaces of the upper and lower teeth and occlusal surfaces of the first molars. It concerned such type of stains caused by poor oral hygiene during the orthodontic treatment called exogenous stains.

I mentioned in my previous posts that young children have weak enamel and their teeth can decay easily. The white stains in the picture show the first stage of caries development. It is called stage of the incipient lesions.

The white stains are a result from demineralization of the tooth which means that the enamel starts loosing Calcium and Phosphate. This stage is reversible - it means that the enamel could recover its normal structure.

There are two possible scenarios about what to expect from these white spots in the future.

The first is through the special care of both the dentist and the patient that the carious process is reversed.
The second is the deepening of the carious process and the formation of cavities if left untreated.

How can this process be reversed?

There are several important things. Dental examination is obligatory. Only the dentist could decide what is best for these stains to be done according to the patient’s age and other conditions. Treatment realized without dentist supervision is very dangerous. Please, be aware of that.

The first thing that I used in this case was fluoride products - local and general. White spots are treated with highly concentrated fluoride gels and varnishes in the dental office. I prescribed special rinses and gels for using at home twice a day. Fluoride tablets according to the patient’s age, Calcium and Phosphorus, diet, and also a special toothbrush and toothpaste.

I gave directions for the diet. It is very important to avoid sugar. You can look at the post- Which foods cause dental decay easy.

And most importantly - the perfect oral hygiene - the mouth should be kept very clean all the time.

Daily flossing, rinsing and, of course, tooth brushing.

Regular check ups and control of plaque and tartar are the key.

Scaling and polishing should be done very often in the dental office.

The application of dental sealants is also very important.

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