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Composite Veneers

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Composite veneers such as porcelain ones are used to correct some cosmetic imperfections. Composite veneers are made directly into the patient’s mouth while the porcelain ones are made in a dental laboratory after an impression have been taken from the prepared teeth.

Here I will show one case of smile reconstruction with several composite veneers.

Why has the patient chosen this type of treatment?

The patient has tooth discoloration of the teeth caused by antibiotics in very early childhood. When antibiotics are taken by the mother in the prenatal period or given to the infant, this results in discoloration of permanent teeth.

Tooth structures are deeply affected, teeth become dark, and this leads to serious aesthetic problems later. This affects the smile and the way of speaking and, of course, seriously affects self-esteem.

The patient had a similar discoloration and another problem. Suffering from the brown colour of her teeth, she tried to make them look whiter.


Too many tooth brushing and the use of a hard toothbrush and powder for stains. This resulted in the wear of much of the outer tooth layer called enamel. Teeth have become sensitive and worn.

At a later stage, she tried to whiten her teeth using a variety of home-bleaching products, but without any results.

The patient dreamed of having very white and aligned teeth, but at the same time she wanted she wanted the teeth to have minimal intervention. Composite veneers were her choice, as this method of treatment required less reshaping than treatment with porcelain veneers or crowns.
Here is the place to mention some differences between composite and porcelain veneers.

Here is the place to mention some differences between composite and porcelain veneers.

1.Composite veneers can be made faster than porcelain. This has one disadvantage- the patient should stay longer in the dental chair. The patient must be patient because this is a very fine work and the dentist should have enough time to restore all the teeth details and then to contour and polish. Porcelain veneers are made in the laboratory and patients’ visits are shorter and more than one.

2. Sometimes using both composite and porcelain veneers there may be a difference in the shape of two similar teeth located on different sides of the dental arch. Corrections are possible but this will require additional dental or laboratory work and patient visits tоо.

I have to note that rotated and malpositioned ( incorrectly positioned)  teeth can not be aligned with composite veneers. Here the solution is with porcelain veneers or crowns.
It is the dentist who will decide which treatment is best for each case.

3. Composite veneers can be coloured with coffee, tea, food and smoking

4. Composite veneers can be worn earlier and need to be replaced

5. Composite veneers can break more easily because the composite material is not as tough as the porcelain

6. The cost of the composite veneers is lower than the porcelain

Let's get back to the patient case.

After a long patience on the dental chair, several veneers were placed on her upper teeth.

She chose the whitest colour for her teeth from the colour shade guide. The lower teeth were treated with bonding and several professional whitening procedures. The bleaching then continued at home with a bleaching material placed in specially prepared bleaching trays. A mouth guard was also prepared for the patient.

One positive fact is that the patient does not smoke, drink coffee or red wine and has perfect oral hygiene.

The result of the treatment was incredible.

Brilliant smile, perfect look!

This brought the satisfaction and self-esteem she had always dreamed of.

One dream came true.

Sincerely your,

Dr. Rayna Trenkova, DDM

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