Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dental Tourism

Dear Readers and Patients,

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism (also called dental vacation) includes people who seek dental care outside their local healthcare systems and can be accompanied by a vacation. 

If you are looking for quality dental treatment at competitive prices combined with a pleasant holiday, we would like to welcome you to our dental practice in BULGARIA - one of the most attractive destinations in Europe.

Bulgaria Vacation Travel Video Guide - YouTube

What better way to travel, get your job done, come back home looking younger and with this PERFECT SMILE?

Dental tourism in Bulgaria is not new. Every year the number of foreign visitors is growing. Bulgaria is not a big country, but has a long history - more than 13 centuries. Tourists from all over the world come to see many interesting historical sights and remains of ancient cultures.

Second Bulgarian Empire - Wikipedia

Landmarks include high mountains, long and beautiful beaches on the Black Sea, breathtaking nature tours and many mineral springs making Bulgaria a very attractive tourist destination.

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast - Wikipedia

Day after day, dental tourism in Bulgaria is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the cheap and high-quality dental services. Statistics show that local dentists' fees are seven times lower in Bulgaria than comparative procedures in the UK. At the same time, dental services are of high quality and professionalism.

Dental tourism gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday while gaining healthy teeth and a Brilliant smile at reasonable prices. This is a great investment in yourself

Visit Bulgaria - Your Bulgarian Travel Partner! •

Sincerely yours,
Dr.Trenkova, DDM


  1. Dhraleos beach in Palase, Albania is the place where you can see the snow and the sea in the same place. Truly captivating! Wondrous Albania


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