Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oral Health and Well-Being

Dear Readers,
I created this dental blog in 2009 to be helpful with many dental issues that may concern you. Those of you who have read most of my articles or have seen the headlines know that my main idea is and has always been to help you enjoy a healthy life filled with Brilliant smiles and avoid complications. And the key to this is PREVENTION
Prevention at all levels with all efforts.

Please take a look at my post- Preventive Dentistry- The Priceless Way

So, that was the first and most important thing for me since I started work more than 20 years ago-  PREVENTION.  And I will not stop advising and saying that as long as it reaches as many people as possible. Please understand - PREVENTION - this is the way to enjoy the benefits of having not only good oral health but good overall health. More importantly- a cheerful, peaceful and happy life. 

Probably most of you have realized that one of the most important thing in life is HEALTH.
I will quote a saying : Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health!

really hope that my posts will reach as many people as possible and will touch your hearts. My great reward will be to know that you have taken my advices for prevention, good oral hygiene, foods and additional tips for chewing gum, flossing and others, and will do everything possible to enjoy a healthy and happy life. I would like kindly to ask you to share this information with as many people as possible - your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours with this idea to help all people realize and do their best to enjoy both good oral and overall health. 

Because, Dear Readers, Oral Health and General Health lead to well-being that each of us deserves! 

Let us all unite around this idea of good health for all people everywhere. So keep going..............Thank you.

Sincerely yours- 
Dr. Trenkova, DDM


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Oral Health and Well-Being

Dear Readers, I created this dental blog in 2009 to be helpful with many dental issues that may concern you. Those of you who have read...